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The Difference!

We find many differences in the world among all things. For example, the difference between light and darkness, the difference between good and bad, the difference between love and hate. Have you ever thought about the difference between us and God? God is the highest of all and we are the lowliest of the low. God reached out to us and lifted us up through His Spirit and made us stand in His Son. This is grace enabling us to become something amazing. But many of us have not realised it, to our own ruin. So, there is the difference. God sent His one and only Son into the world as a Missionary. But we send all our sons to factories and companies to run the Machinery! God the Father in the Old Testament worked as a Potter. God the Son worked in the New Testament as a Carpenter! How many of us would want to work as potters and want our sons to become carpenters? We long for our children to become engineers, doctors, software professionals or teachers, etc. God loved the evil men and gave His glorious Son as a sacrifice. We do not even think or dream of giving our evil sons as a sacrifice for this good and great God!! God took the first step towards us sinners, yet we do not take our second step towards this high and holy God! Strange, isn’t it? God is very long suffering towards us but we are too short in our suffering towards others! God forgives our billion sins in a moment but we will not forgive 10 sins of our enemy in a billion years! God gives freely to all good and bad because of His gracious nature, but most of us do not give much to our own good fellows forget about the bad! God humbled Himself so much that He pays attention to our every query, every need, every problem, and every short coming. He runs to our rescue because of His loving kindness. Yet, we do not pay even half the attention to His great person, holy purposes, and precious precepts!! How different we are from God? Isaiah 55:8-9 is so true! As we walk with God let us learn from Him, let us imitate Him and let us become like Him. Because we are made in His image and likeness for Himself. We are here to serve Him and His purpose. We are here for His glory and good pleasure. Let us not use Him for our pleasure but let Him use us for His pleasure. May you experience this transformation in your life during this season by the power of His resurrection!

Jesus VS Judas!

Jesus was the Son of God
Judas was the servant of God

Jesus was the beloved of God
Judas was a betrayer of God

Jesus did God’s work
Judas did devil’s work

Jesus was the holy one
Judas was the hypocrite

Jesus was full of grace
Judas was full of greed

Jesus had sincere love 
Judas had sinful love

Jesus blessed the people
Judas bewitched the people

Jesus is the Saviour of the world
Judas was the schemer of wickedness

Jesus paid with His life for the sinner
Judas sold the Saviour for silver!!

What kind are you?
Jesus or Judas?

God’s Work or God’s Will?

We find many people “interested” in the work of God in various ways but not many are interested in the “will of God!” You can do God’s work yet not do God’s will! God’s work is important but more than that God’s will is supreme! God’s work is a result of God’s will. Unless we understand God’s will we will not be in a position to do God’s work appropriately. All over the world in Christendom we see majority doing God’s work against God’s will! What a tragedy? Whether you are a singer, a musician, a Sunday school teacher, a volunteer, an elder or a pastor, whatever your ministry position maybe – the question is always, are you doing God’s work according to God’s will or your will? Are you doing God’s work to please God or to please yourself? Think seriously, search your heart diligently and check your motives in doing your ministry. God’s work is sacred but when we do it with an ulterior motive then it becomes defiled. Many do ministry to promote themselves or to glorify themselves not God. Trying hard to build their “image” or “kingdom” instead of building the kingdom of God. If we continue to do what we do with a selfish desire then we build something which is of no value. On the day of judgment, all of this straw kind of ministry will be burnt to ashes in the great fire! There are few people who have realised the greatness of doing God’s will than God’s work! One such person is Miriam Booth, daughter of William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army, a beautiful, brilliant, cultured woman, who began her Christian work with great promise and had unusual success. But very soon she fell ill and the disease brought her down to the point of death. A friend visiting her one day told her that it seemed a pity that a woman so capable should be hindered by sickness from doing the Lord’s work. She replied with gentle grace, “It is great to do the Lord’s work, but it is greater to do the Lord’s will.” Yes, doing God’s will is the most honourable thing in the disciple’s life. We must be mature enough to keep the main thing as the main thing! Look at Jesus’ exemplary life which beautifully fulfilled the will of God from the cradle to the cross Hebrews 10:7! Let Him be our example in all that we do for the glory of God. Are you doing God’s work according to God’s will?

Seeking for Answers?

During this examination season all over the country children and youth prepare thoroughly as much as it depends on them to write the exams well. There is parental pressure, peer pressure and the personal pressure of doing well in the exams! Many lock themselves in to study, to understand, to grasp and to remember their subjects well so to answer all the questions right to get the most marks. Some try to get their hands on the “leaked” question paper but not many venture to do so. But the thing that stands out is all of them are seeking the right answers to their questions! In life too, people from all walks of life are constantly seeking answers to their pressing problems. A student is seeking answers to his questions, a player is seeking answers to improve his game, a sick person is seeking answers for his disease, a young wife is seeking answers to her husband’s loose and lewd life, a businessman is seeking answers to solve his failing business, a parent is seeking answers for his son’s drug addiction, a politician is seeking answers to win the election, a scientist is seeking answers for the unsolved equations of the universe and so on and so forth.

In fact, the truth is, all are seeking answers for something or the other. But most are unable to find answers so they get disappointed, depressed or commit suicide. People are primarily not prudent enough in seeking the answers to the real problem but they are interested only in the present – right now problems! They do not pay any attention to the eternal problem or the real weighty questions! Gladly the answers to all our questions are already answered by God in the person of Jesus Christ! They are all recorded for us in the Holy Bible. God revealed to man that the real problem everyone facing is sin! All other things are consequences of sin. We need answers to questions like, Who am I? What is the purpose of my life? Where did I come from? Where am I heading to? Is there life after death? Who is the true God? How can I know Him? Is God personal or impersonal? How can I conquer evil within? Is there forgiveness for my sin? Where will I spend my eternity? These are the real questions that we need to find the answers. Because these are the questions that matter the most to all of us irrespective of our religion, race, caste, creed, and colour! Jesus answered all these questions wonderfully through His incarnation, righteous life, wonderful teaching, great miracles, the perfect sacrifice by crucifixion, shedding of holy blood for our sin, death, burial, and resurrection on the 3rd day! His work of redemption alone answers all the questions of humanity! We must seek answers only from Him to all our questions pertaining to present life and eternity! So why wait, go to Him in prayer by simple faith and call on His saving name, open His Bible and look for the appropriate answers. You will experience true forgiveness, total salvation and triumphant joy! Remember Lord Jesus said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth, and the life!

The World’s Bible!

A beautifully written piece by Annie Johnson Flint is truly thought provoking and a real eye opener for many! Hope this would awaken many children of God and the disciples of Christ to their God given privilege and responsibility. Read it prayerfully, let it penetrate through you and make a deep impact upon your soul for your Blessed Saviour Jesus Christ!

“Christ has no hands but our hands 
To do His work today; 
He has no feet but our feet
To lead men in His way;
He has no tongues but our tongues
To tell men how He died; 
He has no help but our help
To bring them to His side.
We are the only Bible
The careless world will read;
We are the sinner’s gospel, 
We are the scoffer’s creed; 
We are the Lord’s last message, 
Given in word and deed;
What if the type is crooked? 
What if the print is blurred? 
What if our hands are busy
With other work than His? 
What if our feet are walking 
Where sin’s allurement is?
What if our tongues are speaking
Of things His lips would spurn?
How can we hope to help Him 
And hasten His return?”—Annie Johnson Flint.

Let us rise to the occasion with true repentance and allow the world to read the message of God upon our lives so that it would be eternally blessed!

Pray for the Upcoming Elections!

In a couple of months, our great country India goes to elections and the whole system is being geared up for that gigantic feat! Elections in a country like ours is a very big task. It involves huge amounts of money, great application of mind and an enormous engagement of men to conduct them in an orderly manner as per the constitution. For an average citizen, it is just going out to vote for his favourite or esteemed leader! But in reality, when we vote for someone we elect our rulers and leaders for the future. As responsible citizens, we must discern the kind of people that are contesting to be elected as our leaders and we must pray to God for His choice. As Simon Sinek put it, “Leadership is not about the next election, it’s about the next generation.” Romans 13:1 tells that it is God who appoints rulers and authorities over us! God picks up both the good and the bad leaders with a purpose to accomplish His perfect will in the world Romans 9:17! As believers, we must intercede before God for our country, its rulers and its well being. When the disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ earnestly pray for this, the Lord will move in a mighty way to do His bidding. But alas, many so-called people of God do not even think of praying for the elections! We spend our time in watching the election news, in reading the “yellow journalism” (paid articles favouring a person or party) that appear in the newspapers, in discussing the electoral poll results predicted by the media gurus or political pundits! We continue to talk about the trends and bends that take place during the campaign and the election season with excitement. But seldom we pray or intercede to God for His intervention in all of this. Now we are at a crucial juncture in human history, so we must bend our knees before God and pray for our country and its elections. We must pray that there would be fairness in it, that right people are elected to rule the nation faithfully and most importantly God would grant us a government that is not anti-christian so that we may experience “that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way” as mentioned in 1 Timothy 2:1-3. May the Holy Spirit prompt us all to pray for the upcoming elections as a part of our role in the nation-building process.

Saluting the Real Heroes!

Recently all of India was tensed up when its Air Force officer Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman was held up by the Pakistani army. Then the whole country rejoiced when he was honourably released by the Pakistan Prime Minister after a couple of days. Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman is a real hero who went out all the way in discharging his duties for the Country. In his job he was all out to destroy the enemy or to die for the country! We all salute such true heroes. In the Bible, we come across many such real heroes, heroes who lived and died for God. Heroes who sacrificed their all for the glory of God and for the good of His people. But many times, we the children of God or the citizens of the kingdom of God do not think much about such heroes and do not truly salute them!! If only we can take some time out of our “busy” (or lousy) schedules and look into the Word of God with interest, and identify the great contribution of the men and women of God in times past, we will have much to praise the Lord for having had such people and also we will be motivated to do something for the Most High God of the Universe! Let me suggest for your meditation one such great hero from the New Testament in Philippians 2:25-30. Study his life and his work for the Lord and praise God. Teach about him to your children, or share about him with your friends and family. May the Lord make you a considerate Christian.



Clarity is the main component in making critical decisions in life! Every choice that has to be made must come from a clear mind and a clean heart. Only God can give “clarity” on all things. It is always wise to ‘consult’ the creator for everything concerning life. Sin caused chaos in both the physical and the spiritual world! Since the beginning man is living his life in the “confusion zone!” Because the reason is simple, he is out of fusion with His Maker and Master! The good Lord has laid down all of life principles in His holy (wholesome) book! But many lazy people have neglected it and are living hazy lives! There is no clarity on anything in life so they just float on the waves of chance! Without clarity men not only lose their potential but lose their all! It is wise to come to the Lord of wisdom seeking clarity on all issues of life. Psalm 19:7 says, The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the Lord is sure, making wise the simple. God’s word is perfect and it helps everyone that comes seeking for understanding. Frequently go to the Lord and seek clarity from His word. You will experience peace, power and productivity.

Are you listening to false teachers?


False teachers are a threat to the church of the Lord Jesus Christ. False teachers and false prophets are very dangerous that is why they are described as “ravenous wolves” in the Bible by our Lord Jesus Himself! Whenever Jesus issues a warning about anyone or anything we must take it to heart immediately. Both in the Old and the New Testaments there are many warnings about the accursed teachings and atrocities of the false teachers! God hates “falsehood” of any kind because He is the truth! Last days will see a tremendous rise of false teachers in many places to deceive many! The Bible says that they are the agents of the Devil!! They come in sheep’s clothing but inside they are cruel wolves whose only intention is the devour the sheep. Many Biblically illiterate and spiritually dumb people will “fall” for their manipulative tricks and gimmicks. They have no spiritual discernment hence they are misled easily by these religious charlatans! We must not hear them, we must not subscribe to their ministries, we must not have any fellowship with them in any form whatsoever! Get away from them and stay away from them for your own safety. Do not allow curiosity to carry you off into deception. Beware and listen to the Holy Spirit and obey the holy scriptures.

Don’t slip into the muck and mire of gossip!


Gossip is a terrible sin. It is a sin against God and the body of Christ. Gossip not only tears down the person but also plants seeds of suspicion and despise in the mind of the hearer. Gossip spreads faster than cancer. Many by nature love to ‘gossip’ but would not accept it easily! They will try to cover it up under various disguises like “I am just showing concern, sharing for prayer, or trying to help” etc. In fact, they have no desire to help and never really tried to do so. Gossip is the sin of pride and arrogance. It is the disease of the soul! We gossip because we think we have the right to do so about others. We think we can back bite about others and harm their reputation and character. We think we are superior and capable enough to do it! But who gave us the right to gossip about another person? Who gave us the sanction to bad mouth another person in the church? God did not! The church leadership did not!! Then why are we bent upon doing such a heinous crime? Yes, You heard it right. Gossip is a crime because it is “character assassination!” It has devastating effect on the person and it can destroy the church! Gossip separates close friends Proverbs 16:28! Spirit filled believers will never gossip because they would not dare to grieve the Spirit of God and offend their Lord Jesus Christ. The devil is the father of gossip, false accusation, back biting and whispering evil about others. Shun his association, slay the sinful desire to gossip and stay away from those who love and live only to gossip! Don’t slip into the muck and mire of gossip!